A Floating Flower Market

A few weeks ago, I had a rare opportunity to spend a few hours in Amsterdam. As I was in the flower capital of the world, I just had to pay a visit to The Singel flower market! The small shops are located on a row of floating barges displaying an ocean of colourful flowers, plants, bulbs and souvenirs.  


The Singel Market is the most colourful attraction in Amsterdam,  and has been there since 1862. There is no other market like it in the world and it is such a beautiful place to visit! 


I don't think I have ever seen so many varieties of tulip bulbs in one place, there is literally every variety available and you can even send them home as gifts for friends and family! 


I absolutely loved this stall, I know there are literally like two signs in this picture saying no photography but I couldn't resist!

One of the things I love about The Netherlands is that everyone has flowers in their homes all of the time, not just for birthdays or special occasions, but just because and why wouldn't you when there is so much choice and variety and the prices are so low.  


For me there was no other way to waste a couple of hours in Amsterdam than to go and explore this beautiful and unique flower market!